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INSIGHT: Expect Nothing, Receive Everything


How would it feel to let go of: the desire to execute the "perfect" downward facing dog; or the desperate wish to nail a backbend; or even the expectation to touch your toes? Social media representations of yoga poses is rife and is sadly steering our sacred practice into a gymnastic, goal-orientated entity. Numbing the wise messages spoken to us by our unique body and conforming to assumptions can dampen our individual creativity.

Hannah and Lena return, for a third time this year, to lead you through a childlike exploration of your yoga experience. By ridding ourselves of aspirations on the mat, it allow us to switch into a feeling mode- one that inspires curiosity and provides us with a richer understanding of ourselves.

Our workshop will be an interactive sequence where both the teacher and participants mutually uptake the beauty of a selection of poses. Giving each asana our full attention will naturally guide us onto the next one. Our focus will be centred on feeling deeply, expecting nothing, experiencing pleasure; surrendering to the faith in bodies and gaining INSIGHT into the glorious sensations of our own remarkable and very personal yoga practice.

Suitable for all levels including beginners. (A mix of Forrest Yoga, Yin and restorative poses.)

Complimentary freshments will be served (vegan, non-vegan and gluten free)

Tickets: £40

Earlier Event: April 22
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