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TONIFY: Year Of The Down Dog


A good spring clean may seem cliché but it's well known for it's benefits. Not only do we regard our environment with a fresher perspective but it creates space for inviting in positivity for the year ahead. The same is true for our bodies. Shedding the remnants of the winter season and transitioning into the rebirth of spring can be a challenge in the unpredictable Scottish climate.

We have devised a yoga workshop to dynamically refresh you for the brighter seasons. With a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles and Forrest Yoga, Lena will take you through a sequence that will tonify your Lung Qi and redirect Kidney Yang energy to create the vitality that will soar you into the Year of the Dog!

Following that, Hannah will bliss you out with some delicious Yin Yoga to stretch out that sleepy connective tissue which may have been hibernating throughout the chilly months. In TCM, the Spleen is responsible for digesting both food and thoughts- it also loves a good stretch! Hence, Hannah's sequence will aid in bringing clarity of focus whilst also allowing a safe space to let go of stuck emotions. 

This fusion of cleansing body and mind will be complemented by the serving of freshly squeezed homemade juices, smoothies and snacks to fuel your revitalised system!

Suitable for all levels.

Tickets: £35

Wellbeing Lab, The Restoration Yard, Dalkeith Country Park