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u r ENOUGH - Workshop at The Restoration Yard 25th Feb


We live in a time of more freedom; technological advances and greater choices than ever before but have you noticed that when faced with decisions, self-doubt creeps in? Our observations of modern day living shows a pattern of habitual over-analysis; self-mutilating thoughts and a loud inner critic. The consequence of these repetitive mental processes may lead to feelings of inadequacy and dissatisfaction. The result? Either, throwing in the towel and giving up; or a constant strive to improve but how do we measure the latter? How do we know when that intangible goal is reached? 

In our yoga sequences and narrative, we will guide you through a process to reconnect you to your inner wisdom; to reacquaint you with your power; to help eliminate whatever is fuelling self-doubt and to ultimately help you to reawaken the truth that is " you are enough".

Hosts: Wild Thing Yoga, Lena Fong Acupuncture

Hannah and Lena are passionate about the internal health benefits of yoga and emphasise that their work is not centred around the gymnastic, visually aesthetic yoga asanas, but rather focuses on the nurturing, energetic and deeper aspects of the yoga poses. 

This unique collaboration mutually complements both of their backgrounds. Hannah has a degree in Psychology and has been actively working in mental health since 2013. Lena trained in Chemistry and Chinese Medicine Acupuncture; she has ran a successful acupuncture practice over the past 13 years. Both are no strangers to the effects of anxiety/depression and have experienced, first-hand, the potent healing effects of yoga in this area.

10-12: Forrest Yoga (Lena)
12- 12.30: Break with complimentary vegan baking, teas/infusions and freshly pressed juices
12.30- 1.30: Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra (Hannah)

Fee: £30

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