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Anchor Your Shen

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 Lena and Hannah invite you to join them for the 3rd workshop in the Elemental Healing Series. 

 Last summer was the most luscious and balmiest that we had experienced in years. Trees were dripping in fruity treasures of cherries, apples, pears and plums. Golden raspberry canes and loganberry bushes hung heavy with their ruby jewels. People ambled along leisurely without any rush, lingering to greet friends in the street. Indeed, our bodies naturally rejoice in the height of this season. 

However as with all good things, imbalances can occur. Summer corresponds to the Heart organ system in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and is housed in the chest with it’s neighbour, the Lungs. The Heart also houses the “Shen” or our divine spirit. Not only is this is our consciousness that gives us joy, excitement, and the ability to find fun in life; it also gives us our connection to compassion and spiritual growth. However, the Heart is particularly sensitive to Heat and disharmonies may lead to mania, agitation, anxiety, insomnia, night sweats and feeling easily bothered by others.  

Our workshop is designed to soothe the Heart by grounding the spirit with mediation, clearing excess Heat/Fire with a sweaty Vinyasa Flow, before cooling down with a blissful Yin sequence to support chest Qi. 

Refreshments and mini head massage included: £25 

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