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DAO Yoga.

DAO Yoga is a collaboration between Lena and Hannah, two Edinburgh based yoga teachers. DAO Yoga run a diverse range of workshops, pop up classes and retreats. Their varied backgrounds and similar ethos gives the recipient a unique experience flavoured with a strong emphasis on body-positivity; safe anatomical form and freedom from the negative inner critic. Being immensely passionate about the internal health benefits of yoga clearly shows. Their teaching is not centred around the visually aesthetic, gymnastic- style yoga postures, but on the nurturing and deeper aspects of yoga. Suitable for all levels, this yogi pair will hold space for you as they guide you through the subtle artistry of this very special ancient sacred practice.

Lena is an empathic yoga teacher, doula and acupuncturist. Having initially read Chemistry at The University of Edinburgh, she continued her studies inspired by her Asian background and Hong Kong Chinese parents by qualifying as a Chinese Medicine practitioner. For 15 years, she ran a successful private acupuncture practice within Edinburgh's largest complementary health clinic, Mulberry House. Related to this, she has undergone over 500 hours in yoga teacher training (Hatha, Aerial, Forrest and Perinatal). With her experience and expertise, she now shares her insights into the prevention of illness and the importance of harmonising one's lifestyle to enjoy good health. 

Hannah is a compassionate yoga teacher and an active mental health advocate. With a degree in Psychology, she has worked within various mental health organisations and has also completed an array of CPD including the highly regarded Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) which introduces the core concepts and applications of David Emerson's intervention for complex trauma. Despite being a popular yoga teacher and working in a wide range of studios in Edinburgh, she also provides outreach yoga classes. Alongside her teaching, she works at a supported temporary housing project giving support and advice for women facing homelessness.

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DAO Theraputics.

Dao self care are handmade, natural and local products created by Lena and Hannah. Ingredients are often foraged or grown locally, and made in small batches.   


smudge stick £5

a blend of locally grown and foraged herbs- including sage, bay leaves, rosemary, eucalyptus and lavender- tied together and dried to create cleansing smudge sticks. 


the balm £6

These individually blended, nourishing bees wax balms can be rubbed onto our temples or pulse points to aid relaxation, or your lips to keep them luscious and chap free. 


bath bomb

a favorite among our yogi clients, the ultimate self care product. Delicate petals and carefully blended essential oils. Run yourself a hot bath, light a candle and soak in the bliss of the DAO bath bombs.


essential oil roller ball

Our roller balls are the perfect ‘on the go’ self care product. Roll a little on your neck and head to help when stressed. Again, these are individually hand blended to create the perfect balance of oils.