The Importance of Daily Grounding- Techniques for off the Mat


Grounded. What does it mean to be grounded? 

To me, being grounded means being fully present: physically, emotionally and energetically.

When we are grounded we can feel our physical connection to the earth. Taking our attention to how our feet feel on the ground, giving us an awareness of our physical connection to the earth. When we are grounded our minds are not wandering or pulling elsewhere. We feel stable, and at ease. Fears and worries we have fade away quickly. we can feel safe and protected. And when feel grounded, we are more able to deal with the difficulties that life gives us.

Here are my top tips that to help you take this sense of grounding off the mat and into your daily life. 


Get outside. Go for a walk or cycle, do some gardening or just sit for a few breaths outdoors. Living in the green city of Edinburgh offers me a plethora of beautiful places to walk, from the seaside to climbing a hill, taking a woodland stroll to visiting wide open green spaces, Edinburgh offer so much to us. Try, if you can, to walk daily, even just for 5-10 minutes. And if you live near a green space, take advantage of it! 


Sip on some herbal teas throughout the day, and try to cut down on the coffee! My current favorites are Redbush tea and Lemon Balm leaves, freshly picked from my garden, steeped in hot water.. For night time, I drink valerian root tea, sweetened with honey. It is a natural sedative and can be very calming.


Anything earthy here will work wonderfully! Cedarwood, Paolo Santo, Frankinsence, Patchulie. Try adding a couple drops of to your bath at night, or my new favorite a few drops onto your shower curtain before you hop in- creating a mini steam room and making your morning routine BLISS!


Connect with your breath. Notice your breath. Breathing in fully and exhaling slowly. As you inhale really focus on the breath in your body. Feel your stomach and ribs expand on an inhale and relax and let go as you exhale.Even just 5 minutes of mindful breathing every day!

What are your favorite ways to ground?